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I can carry out professional training in a strict and defined legal and administrative framework and invoice them by IES -Entrepreneurs AEGID Group .


IES-Entrepreneurs is a training organisation whose declaration of activity is registered under number 11 92 21334 92. This registration is not equivalent to State approval.

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Florence Liard training - Datadocké

Some examples of TRAINING

Florence LIARD Coaching - Public speaking training and coaching

The Public speaking training is delivered for french speakers  whether their french language is native or foreign.
The objectives are to: read more

Annual review interview

New program coming soon!
The training including the short film ‘Planète Entreprise – l’entretien d’évaluation’ shown below (in French only) : read more (soon)

Annual review Interview with the Video 'Planète Enterprise' - Florence Liard
Planète Entreprise - L'Entretien d'évaluation
Merci pour cette formation PNL très intéressante (contenu) et très dynamique dans la méthode. Apprentissage dans la bonne humeur. Très satisfaite.
Céline B.
J'ai beaucoup appris... Je suis beaucoup plus sereine et confiante. La formation a été bien menée, très pratique avec des mises en situation régulières. Très enrichissant.
Martine V.
Cette formation 'Mener efficacement des entretiens annuels' m'a énormément apporté sur le management et m'aidera à appréhender un entretien .
Laurie G.
Training the trainers: I really appreciated the positive energy you brought to the team. You enforced self-confidence in the team and prepared them to give presentation. Moreover helping them in becoming a trainer by giving them feedback.
Pankaj K.
Safran Engineering services
Train the trainers: Very good 360° feedback in front of the group. Helpful concepts for training. Very interesting training and applicable for the daily work. Florence made everyone feel comfortable.
Juan J. M.
Safran Engineering Services
Stress management: Ideas, tools are very pragmatical, useful! (breathing techniques, relaxing techniques). I did not miss anything. Very good listening and responding practice . Thank you very much Mme Liard !
Peter N.
On Semi - Münich

Public speaking in professional contexts

Learning Objectives

  • Possessing the set of keys to a strong oral intervention
  • Regulating your stage-fright, mastering your image to develop your impact
  • Taking into account your audience and adapting your discourse on the ‘substance’ and ‘the style’
  • Building your self-confidence for effective communication
Public Speaking - All on stage by Florence Liard Coaching in Brittany
All on stage!

Who is the course for

  • Managers, executives, engineers, entrepreneurs, sales people, project managers wishing to communicate more effectively in front of an audience

Teaching method

Course duration

  • 3 days: 2 days and the third one 2 or 3 weeks late
  • 21 hours

Teaching resources

  • Alternating presentations, role-play and scenarios
  • Facilitated exchanges between participants
  • Intensive individual training in front of the group

Annual review interview

New program coming soon!