Solidarity action

Solidarity action

Further solidarity action
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COVID19 Solidarity action
Flash coaching with Florence Liard certified coach

I am inviting you to share this information with your loved ones, family, friends, colleagues.

The Covid-19 crisis is deeply pushing our lives. This health crisis with its confinement necessary to protect the population is particularly anxiety-provoking.

Some find themselves totally insulated, others are confined in more or less favorable situations and sometimes forced to adopt a new organization with teleworking etc.

This stressful situation has morally and physically impact.

This trauma is collective and individual. So there is no shame in asking for help quite the contrary.

Everyone is touched no matter what social class, level of education, age, gender, with or without work, with or without children.

Therefore, I have decided to offer free 30-minute counseling sessions to anyone who needs help during the entire duration of confinement at least. Need to talk, express your feelings, emotions, need to find resources to overcome this period, need to break loneliness… 

The sessions can be held using Skype, phone, Email. If you have an other software as zoom, team, … let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.

You will find below a calendar to make your appointment.
Choose the day and time you wish and fulfill the others fields and you will receive a confirmation email. 
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For a session with Skype: specify your Skype name when you make an appointment and I will send you an invitation.

For a session by phone: enter your phone number to allow me to check that this is the right person/time when you call me. I do not answer private numbers (number not displayed).

For Email: rather prefer this media for a follow-up between two interviews

Please note that for requests for corporate coaching or other professional services you can contact me by email, by phone or by filling the form of the contact page.

My offer is linked purely to the exceptional crisis we are experiencing and aims to help individuals in need to support the confinement period. It will be valid for the entire duration of the confinement. Thank you for not monopolizing appointments for any other requests.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Florence Liard coach professionnel

COVID19 Solidarity action

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