Counseling & Art-therapy

Counseling and  Art-therapy is working with a client who feels uncomfortable or dissatisfied with their life. 

The client’s motive for entering art-therapy or counseling is usually to get away from pain and discomfort.

Art-therapy can be used in a therapeutic and a non-therapeutic situation. It is an in-depth approach which increase people’s well-being within a safe environment., which means:

  • confidentiality,
  • no-judgement,
  • time and space framed,
  • self-respect,
  • respects for others.

Art-therapy is really life enhancing for people of all ages.

In art therapy sessions one can express non-verbally what may be difficult to express verbally, and the art-therapist provides the environment to grow from that expression.

Art-therapy is suitable for a wide range of people.

SANDTRAY MINIATURES for art-therapy sessions
Miniatures for sandplay

You don’t need any backgrounds in the arts, you do not have to be ‘good at art’ to benefit from art-therapy.

Your artworks are not judged; they are highly respected.

Art-therapy painting on slate Florence Liard
Pastel on slate

Today, art therapy is not only an effective therapy to cope with emotional issues but it is also used for personal and creative enhancement

You don’t need to have psychological issues to benefit from art therapy.

Individual session of art-therapy with clay with Florence Liard counselor and art-therapist
Clay work

It is not necessary to wait to be worse to get better, why wait?

Counseling and art-therapy

For whom?

  • For everyone of all ages
  • For those searching for
    • well-being, 
    • relief,
    • inner freedom,
    • clarity,
    • better relationships

Art-therapy session with collage with Florence Liard
Art-therapy session with collage

What for?

  • To clarify one’s true aspirations
  • To know oneself in-depth
  • To identify inner and outer resources to achieve one’s dreams
  • To improve self-confidence
  • To realize better balance and self-fulfillment
  • To explore and develop one’s creativity

Benefits gained

  • Enhancement of self-awareness
  • Overcoming stress, anxiety, depression
  • Preventing burnout, boreout
  • Rebuilding one’s life after a burnout, boreout
  • Development of self-esteem
  • Improving interpersonal skills
  • Restoration of a sense of identity
  • Enhancement of creativity, spontaneity 
  • Improvement of decision-making
  • Working towards lasting change
  • Resolving internal and interpersonal conflicts

Counseling and art-therapy

So art-therapy is suitable for a wide range of people.

It can be structured on a one-to-one basis or as part of a group experience.

You can also join an art-therapy workshop if you want to share and benefit from the group dynamic.


  • 1 hour session: 50€
  • 1.5 hour session: 65€
  • 2h session: 85€
  • Fixed rate for 12 hours: 550€

Payments facilities can be considered.


In my art-therapy sessions you can explore different forms of art such as collage, doodling, drawing, writing, drama, the voice, clowning, mask, movement, relaxation, photography, and more. The choice depends on your needs.

  • Duration of a one to one session: 1h to 2h
  • Number of sessions: according to your needs and to be defined by mutual agreement.
  • Planning of meetings: defined on a mutual agreement according to your needs, possibilities and availabilities.

Miniatures for sandtray
Counseling and Art-therapy
Behind the doors
What is hidden behind the doors?
The message of the doors
What is behind the doors?
Painting on slate
Painting on slate
Joy and pain - Pastel
Joy and pain
Coaching for teams and individuals
Collage 02
peinture aux doigts en grope
counseling and art-therapy
me by me and others
Collage 02
behind doors
The message of the doors
What is behind the doors?
Ephemere nature 02
ephemere from the nature
Painting on slate
Painting on slate
Joy and pain – Pastel
Joy and pain
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Still confused? Don’t know what and who could help you?

An initial assessment lasting approx. 30mn is free of charge.
This will be used to clarify your needs and define and action plan.


As an English retired professional active person, who had moved to France to experience a change of life style; I did not expect it to be difficult to integrate into rural life, and not speaking French I was feeling isolated. With help from Florence, being bi-lingual, helping to learn French and building my confidence through Art therapy. Florence went above and beyond to provide a very rewarding experience, was very attentive without being intrusive. Helping me to understand past experiences which were stopping me moving forward in living in my new chosen country. Experiencing Art Therapy with Florence helped me build confidence in myself, which I had lost, and was beyond my expectations
Woman review DP
Diana Powell
English retired active person