About Florence Liard

Certified art-therapist, counselor and professional coach

I am a certified counselor and art-therapist (RNCP II) since 2011 and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

And so as a certified professional coach I have services for corporate and for individuals.


Coaching and art therapy: a winning combination

It appeared to me, more than 10 years ago, that these two approaches of coaching and art-therapy are complementary and the combination is very powerful. I am always amazed at the results that this brings to customers.
That’s how this link (hyphen) between Art-therapy and Coaching  became  Art-Coaching, as I used to call it.

The art forms used

I offer individual and group sessions. I can use a wide variety of art forms as collage, painting, drawing, photography, music, writing, drama, movements, clowning, clay, and relaxation.

I have created a bilingual drama workshop ““The Frogs & Roastbeefs”  in Châteauneuf du Faou, Finistère, Brittany. I animate that workshop every Thursday evening for all from 10 years.



My Background

Florence LIARD Coaching - Public speaking training and coaching

Art has always been part of my life as well as training. I practiced ballet, tap dancing, ballroom dancing and as a teenager I wanted to be ballet teacher.

But I became Software Engineer and started a career as a project manager. During the same time, I practiced Aïkido and became Aïkido teacher.

My career has been mostly in an international context, thus I have had the opportunity to practice English.

Then my free time was fully dedicated to  drama, singing, musicals. I trained with both french and English teachers in France and London. From 1993 to 2000 I accompanied artists (actors, painters, musicians), translated, adapted and produced a new English  drama in French and in English. When a french-american actress told me in 1997 that she wanted to hire my services as a coach I discovered what was coaching and it fitted my way I accompanied people.

Thus in 2000 I decided to create my own consulting and training company and to be trained and certified in professional coaching. As a certified coach I have always looked for methods and techniques to enhance my accompaniment with organizations and individuals. I often used writing, drama, voice in my services as for instance in my training “Public speaking”, and “Annual assessment interviews”. In 2009, I found a professional training in art therapy and decided to be certified as an art-therapist, so did I in 2011 with ARTEC Montpellier . 

And so I reunited my professional side and my passion side, my left brain and my right brain, the heart of my business with the business of my heart.

‘The purpose of  life is a life of purpose’
Robert Byrne


I invite you to discover my offers for Corporates , schools and for Individuals.

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