Life and professional coaching

‘There is no favorable wind for the sailor who does not know where to go’

The coach helps the client to correctly set goals and to find the best way to achieve them. 
The coach will reveal the hidden inner potential in the client to  achieve their personal and professional fulfillment

What for?

  • Relaxing and reducing stress
  • Developing wellness
  • Gain more job and life satisfaction
  • Playing down difficult situations, distance from problems for a better resolution
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Release of creativity for innovative solutions
  • Being connected to your inner full potential to achieve high goals
  • Unleash imagination
  • Think and experimenting outside the box
  • Experiment and enhance creativity
  • Restore meaning or give new meaning to a project to your life
  • Learn to speak with authenticity
  • Prevent burn out
  • Rebuild after a burn-out


  • When you have trouble to achieve your goals
  • You feel left-behind, you feel stuck
  • You feel overwhelmed, don’t know where to begin
  • You experience chronic stress and anxiety
  • No clear vision anymore of what you want out of life?
  • You have a lack of motivation
  • You feel alone with nobody to support your dreams
  • You feel trapped in a toxic relationship
  • Rebuilt after a professional or personal toxic relationship
  • Rebuilt after a burn-out, a redundancy

For who?

  • Everyone: managers, employees, executives, entrepreneurs, students, retirees, artists, 

No needs for previous art or creativity experience.